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Karaseva Tat'yana Nikolaevna, Postgraduate student, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. Constitutional and legal regulation at the level of the RF constituent territories posed the problem of ensuring the uniformity of Russian constitutional legislation, including its federal level and the level of the constituent terri-tories. Ensuring the compliance of the constitutions and regulations of the constituent territories with the Russian Federation Constitution and federal legislation in accordance with Art. 72 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation is under the joint jurisdiction of the Russian Federation and the constituent territories of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the deletion of legal norms inconsistent with the Constitution and federal laws from constituent instruments is the task of both government authorities of the Russian Federation and state authorities of the constituent territories of the Russian Federation. The research aim is studying the emergence of legal collisions and conflicts between the constitutional legislature of the Russian Federation and constitutional (regulatory) legislation of the RF constituent territories and ways of their elimination.
Materials and methods. A set of methods of scientific legal research has been used in the study: the methods of analysis and synthesis, comparative legal, historical legal, technical, logic methods, etc. The analysis of constitutions and regulations of the constituent territories of the Russian Federation was held in the light of such philosophical categories as the general, special and individual.
Results. The study has shown that the conflict in the legislation of the constituent territories of the Russian Federation is a contradiction between the laws governing similar public relations specified in the RF Constitution, federal legislation, on the one hand, and in the fundamental laws of the the constituent territories of the Russian
Federation, on the other, as well as the discrepancy between separate legal instructions in one and the same act – the constitution (regulations) of a constituent territory.
Conclusions. The contradictions between the norms of the regulatory legislation of the constituent territories and other legal rules are proposed to be eliminated taking into account the public relations the regulation of which the legislation is aimed at.

Key words

constitutional legislation, legislation of constituent territories of the Russian Federation, juridical conflicts.

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